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Lifetime Achievement

GHRA Lifetime Achievement Award Program
The purpose of this new program is to establish a lifetime record of performance and is open to all GHRA registered horses of any age.
  • Points earned are cumulative for the life of the horse.  
  • Owner must be a current member in good standing for points to be awarded.
  • Points will not be retroactive.
  • Points remain with the horse for lifetime regardless of ownership.
  • GHRA will publish a list of qualifying shows
  • Amateur and Youth will be counted as a horse/competitor combo.
  • Combined breed classes will not count toward point totals.
  • GHRA will post show results.
  • Points will be awarded per judge.
  • This program may be reviewed and/or changed to adjust with show circuit.  

Please contact Shannon Lord
Orange Stamp


Mail to:
Shannon Lord
c/o GHRA Ambassador
PO Box 872
Louisburg, KS 66053
Email to:
Shannon Lord

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LT achieve .png

Photo courtesy Hallie Hearon with Kelly Girl

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