Ambassador Award

Ambassador Award Winners!
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Lifetime member  Patti Reller with Stanford

Entry Fee: Free

Ambassador Awards are given in each of the sections below and for each event:
  • Section A: Full Blood Gypsy Horse/Cob
  • Section B: Crossbred (one parent must be full blood Gypsy Horse/Cob)
1. Halter Classes – Stallion, Mare and Gelding
2. Performance Classes – Open and Breed Shows
3. Exhibitions – Parades, Sponsored Trail Rides, Exhibitions
Points System:

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place
Champion Points Achievement Scale:
  • Reserve Champion – 50 pts
  • Championship – 100 pts
  • Reserve Grand – 150 pts
  • Grand Championship – 200 pts
Ambassador Application Instructions

Fill out Ambassador Award Application completely. Submit application for each horse you are registering for the 2021 Ambassador Award Program. Only one horse may be included on each application. Additional copies of the application may be made, as needed. Online application here.
Upon receipt of your Ambassador application, GHRA will forward Point Verification records to submit following each event you enter and a Personal Record for you to keep track of your placings.
Point Verification Form

Enter your results on the Ambassador Personal Show/Event Reporting Form at each show or event. Complete all category boxes including the class name & number. Be sure to include the Show Secretary’s name and phone number or if signature isn't possible, include a  copy of the show results with Show Secretary's name and email address. All results must be verified to count towards Awards. Mail results, delivery verified, to the Ambassador Administrator's address below.  Alternatively, you may email a scanned copy of your form to the address below.
Personal Record

An Ambassador Personal Points Record is provided to each registrant, which includes the Ambassador rules, award categories & point system. Space is provided on the back of the card to allow participant to enter information on all events attended throughout the year. Please do not send to GHRA.
  • Performance: High and Reserve for: Youth, Amateur, Driving, Dressage and Crossbred
  • Exhibition: High Point Halter Mare, Stallion, Gelding and Crossbred

Mail to:
Shannon Lord
c/o GHRA Ambassador
PO Box 872
Louisburg, KS 66053
Email to:
Shannon Lord


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