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Ambassador Award

Ambassador Award Winners!
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Lifetime member  Patti Reller with Stanford

The GHRA Ambassador Award is an enrollment program designed to reward members
for presenting and exhibiting their Gypsy
Horse to the public.
Ambassador Application Instructions
Entry Fee: Free

Fill out Ambassador Award Program Application completely. Submit application for each horse you are registering for the 2023 Ambassador Award Program. Only one horse may be included on each application. Additional copies of the application may be made, as needed. January 31 is the last day to register to acquire points for the full term year.  After January 31st, Members will only acquire points from the date of enrollment to the end of the reporting period, which is December 31st. (See requirements below)
Upon receipt of your Ambassador application, GHRA will forward Point Verification records to submit following each event you enter and a Personal Record for you to keep track of your placings.
Ambassador Awards are given in each of the sections below and for each event:
  • Section AB: Full Blood Gypsy Horse/Cob
  • Section C: Crossbred (one parent must be full blood Gypsy Horse/Cob)
Enrollment Requirements:
  1. Horse must be registered with the Gypsy Horse Registry of America.
  2. Recorded owner of the enrolled horse must hold a current membership with the Gypsy Horse Registry of America.
  3. If a horse’s registration is in process or pending, the event reporting form will be held until notification from the registrar of horse’s completed registration.  If registration is not completed by the end of the reporting period, all acquired points will be invalid
  4. The horse must be enrolled during the stated timeframe.  Late entries will be accepted with limitations.
Program Rules:
  1. Program is open to all GHRA registered horses and GHRA registered crossbreds.
  2. The enrollment period begins January 1st and closes January 31st of each year. Members enrolling after January 31st will collect points from the date of enrollment into program. Horses enrolled by the deadline will have all events counted beginning January 1st. Horses enrolled after the deadline will only acquire points from the date of enrollment to the end of the reporting period, December 31st.
  3. Points will be tabulated to determine year end awards.
  4. Categories include but not limited to Open All-breed shows, Expos, Fairs, Parades, Clinics, Sponsored Trail Rides etc. Please include any other events you would like considered.
  5. All submissions will be verified, any falsified results will result in disqualification.  Submission that are unverifiable will not be included in the final tabulation of points.
  6. The deadline for submitting reports for previous years’ exhibitions is January 31st of each year.
Year End Awards:
  1. Points will be accumulated and tabulated to determine the award winners.
  2. Award Categories Include a Junior Category (2 years old or less) and Senior Category (3 years old or greater).
    • High Point Mare – Reserve High Point Mare
    • High Point Stallion – Reserve High Point Stallion
    • High Point Gelding – Reserve High Point Gelding
    • High Point Crossbred -Reserve High Point Crossbred
Points System:

  1. Each horse will receive 10 points per day of exhibition.  For example, if you attend a 3-day exhibition, you will receive 30 points. If you participate in a parade, you will receive 10 points.
  2. Point Verification Form: Enter your results on the Ambassador Personal Show/Event Reporting Form at each show or event. Complete all category boxes including the class name & number. Be sure to include the Show Secretary’s name and phone number or if signature isn't possible, include a  copy of the show results with Show Secretary's name and email address. All results must be verified to count towards Awards. Mail results, delivery verified, to the Ambassador Administrator's address below.  Alternatively, you may email a scanned copy of your form to the address below.
Orange Stamp


Mail to:
Shannon Lord
c/o GHRA Ambassador
PO Box 872
Louisburg, KS 66053
Email to:
Shannon Lord
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