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Horse Registration

Horse Registration Page
Registration Procedure

It's fast and easy to register your Gypsy Horse if you following the instructions below. Please complete each section one at a time and in order.
1. You do not have to be a member to register your horse.
Members receive a discounted rate, but membership is not required.  You may submit your membership at the same time as your registration and receive the reduced rate.  Click here to become a member!
2. You will need to download three critical forms in order to register your horse:
  1. Download, print and submit the GHRA Registration applicationNote: this UPDATED form includes a new transfer section for those registering foals they have sold.
  2. Download, print and submit the GHRA Work Order cover sheet.
  3. Download and prepare your horse photos for submission using the GHRA Photo Submission Guidelines.​
3. Submit the appropriate fees per your completed Work Order, prepay and request a DNA Form in the section on the Work Order.
If your horse is registered with another registry and the DNA is from University of Kentucky,  please contact that registry and ask them to send you a copy of your DNA results to avoid an additional DNA test fee from this registry.
4. Submit two acceptable posed photos to the Registar via the online registration photo submission form.  Alternatively, you may Email your photos to

The two “Acceptably posed photos” must be:
  1. One photo of the right side of the horse with the head facing the camera and with the forelock tucked aside so all facial markings are clearly visible.
  2. And one photo of the left side of the horse with the head facing the camera and with the forelock tucked aside so all facial markings are clearly visible.
reghorsesample1 Correct.png

An example of a correct photo.  Side of horse in photo, head fully facing camera and forelock pulled back.

Incorrect reghorsesample2.png

An example of an incorrect photo.  Forelock not pulled back, head is not facing camera and left rear foot not totally in photo.

6. Perform a final review to make sure you have these items before you mail in your registration:
  1. Are you a member?  If not, we'd love for you to join!  Check here to register online or download the member form, complete it and include it in your horse registration envelope.
  2. The completed Work Order with a "DNA Request" listed if required.
  3. Registration Form
  4. Fees (paid by check)
  5. Two acceptable photos (listed above) emailed or included in your envelope.
7. Mail your Work Order and Registration Form along with a check for the required fees (for registration, DNA, and any other services) to GHRA:
Gypsy Horse Registry of America
PO BOX 299
Blanchard, OK 73010
Phone and FAX 903-818-0026
Registration Procedure Notes
  1. All stallions must be DNA tested by University of Kentucky and Breeding Stallion Qualification Certificate completed and filed before any resulting foals or foals from future breedings will be considered for registration.
  2. After the DNA testing and Breeding Stallion Qualification Certificate results are on file with GHRA,
  3. the stallion is not required to be tested again.
  4. The owner or lessee of the dam at time of foaling is responsible for registration of the foal.
  5. If a foal is to be listed in an individual’s name other than the owner or lessee of the dam at time of foaling,
  6. then a transfer report and fee shall be required.
  7. Applicant must complete, sign and submit proper GHRA registration application forms, with two photographs of the horse taken in accordance with requirements on the form to the Registrar.
  8. All horses registered with the GHRA must show proof of parentage with a breeder’s certificate in which both parents are registered with GHRA in Gypsy Horse Section AB (all heights inclusive). One parent must be registered with the GHRA for a horse to be eligible for registration as a Gypsy Crossbred Section C.
Exceptions, Subject to Board Approval
  1. Proof of Import: Form VS17-30 or copy of an EU passport
  2. A copy of sire and dam registration certificates from a recognized Registry & Breeders Certificate signed by mare & stallion owners.
  3. A copy of registration certificate from a recognized Registry
  4. Documented background of origination.


Recognized Registries
  1. Gypsy Cob & Drum Society
  2. Gypsy Cob Society, Ltd.
  3. Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
  4. Irish Cob Society and its affiliates
  5. Gypsy Horse Association
  6. Traditional Gypsy Cobb Association
  7. And any other registry subject to GHRA Board approval


Regarding Horse Names
  1. The owner of the dam at time of foaling has a right to name the offspring. The name of the horse cannot be a duplication of any other name and cannot be deceptively similar to any other name recorded on the records of the GHRA.
  2. The name of the horse may be distinguished by a prefix or suffix, which is not a duplication of or deceptively similar to a prefix and suffix which has been previously reserved by written request and payment of the required fee to the GHRA. The filing of such a reservation does not override any rights that another member or non-member may have to the exclusive use of a prefix, suffix or horse name pursuant to federal trademark or trade name laws or other laws similar thereto including, but not limited to, common law surrounding rights in trademarks and trade names.
  3. The Board of Directors of the GHRA may adopt procedures and guidelines for the implementation of the prefix and suffix reservation process and for determining when and if a prefix and suffix or horse name is deceptively similar to a previously recorded horse name or previously reserved prefix and suffix .
  4. Names of horses may not be changed after registration, however if DNA testing results in a change of sire or dam and the registered horse’s name includes the name of either sire or dam, only that portion of the name must be deleted or changed.
  5. When it is determined by the Registrar that a name is offensive to any race, creed, color or national origin, the Registrar has the right to refuse the registration name.
  6. The name of a horse may not be changed after registration unless it is offensive to any race, creed, color or national origin, in which case the Registrar has the right to require a change in the offensive part of the name only.
  7. If a horse is registered with another Registry with DNA on file with the University of Kentucky, the horse’s name must remain the same.  If the owner prefers to use a different name, new DNA must be taken so that the name on file with GHRA and the University of Kentucky match.
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