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Year End High Point Award
Year End High Point Award Winners!
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Year End Hipoint

GHRA recognizes member/horse achievements through an annual high point award.

All categories will have a Champion and Reserve Champion award (if there are qualified recipients)
Open – InHand, WT/WJ, WTC/WJL, Driving and Overall High Point
Amateur – InHand, WT/WJ, WTC/WJL, Overall High Point
Youth – InHand, WT/WJ, WTC/WJL and Overall High Point
Cross – InHand, WT/WJ, WTC/WJL and Overall High Point
* Owner and Exhibitor (if different from owner) must be a current member in good standing.
* Points are calculated from Jan 1st to Dec 31st
of each year and do not carry over.
* Amateur/Youth will be maintained as a combo and points will be rewarded as a combo.
* Combined Amateur/Youth classes will not count unless placed separately.
* Non-Pro classes do not qualify.
* Combined breed classes do not qualify.
* Points will be awarded for each judge’s placing based on the point scale below.
* GHRA will indicate qualified shows on the posted event calendar.
* Non specific WT or WTC classes will count towards the overall high point total.
* DQs’ count towards the total class number, Scratchs’ do not count towards the total class number.
* Classes can be separated as Green, Novice, Maiden, Jr and Sr will be counted.
* Without dispute, points become permanent by Jan 10th of the following year.
* Points will be posted Quarterly to the GHRA website.
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