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Herd Registration

Horse Registration Page
This Special Offer runs through April 30th, 2024.
Herd Registration Criteria
  1. All applications must be submitted together to receive discount.
  2. All submitted applications must be complete.
  3. Horse must be currently registered with one of the following registries: TGCA, GHA, GCDHA, GVHS and Irish Cob Society.  If your horse is registered with an organization not listed above, please contact GHRA for consideration.
  4. Owner listed on the registration must match the current owner.
  5. Any applications that are incomplete, will not count toward the total submitted.
  6. Cannot combine multiple farms/people as a single packet. 
  7. All horses (including geldings) must have a parent verified DNA report from University of Kentucky.
  1.  Click here for the registration form.
  2. Complete form and save.
  3. Copy the Front and Back of the current registration papers.  Please make sure your printer is set at the highest quality resolution. GHRA may request current photos. 
  4. Once applications are received and checked for completion, you will receive a paypal invoice to submit payment.  If you do not use Paypal, an email will be sent with the amount due.  GHRA registrations will not be issued until payment in full has been received. 
  5. Applications can be scanned and sent electronically to:  or                                print and mail to the following address:
                                Herd Registration
                                718 Hwy 82E #239
                                Sherman, TX 75090
The discounted fee scale is for current members.  A membership application or renewal can be submitted with the registration applications.  
# Applications      Discounted Price                   Savings
5-10                        $ 67.50 each                      $   7.50ea
11-15                     $ 63.75 each                       $ 11.25ea
16-25                     $ 60.00 each                       $ 15.00ea
26-40                     $ 52.50 each                       $ 22.50ea
41-60                     $ 45.00 each                       $ 30.00ea
61>                        $ 37.50 each                       $ 37.50ea
1. GHRA is not responsible for misdirected or lost mail and would advise to send packets as priority. Packet must be post marked by April 30th, 2024.
2. Certificates will be returned once the whole packet is processed. 
3. For questions regarding herd registrations, please call 903-818-0026
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