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Registration Procedure
It is EASY and FAST to register your Gypsy Horse if the instructions are followed to the letter. The instructions in an easy format are listed below. Please complete each section one at a time…
  1. You do not have to be a member to register your horse. Members receive a discounted rate (see work order), but membership is not required. You may submit your membership at the same time as your registration and receive the reduced rate.
  2. You will need the Application and the Work Order forms to register your horse.
    1. Download, print and submit the GHRA Registration application.  Note – this UPDATED form includes a new transfer section for those registering foals they have sold.
    2. Download, print and submit the GHRA Work Order 2020 cover sheet  (01/17).
    3. Download GHRA Photo Submission Guidelines (01/17) to prepare your horse photos for submission.
  3. ​Submit the appropriate fees per your completed Work Order, prepay and request a DNA Form in the section on the Work Order. If your horse is registered with another registry and DNA is from University of Kentucky, please contact that registry and ask them to send you a copy of your DNA results to avoid an additional DNA test fee from this registry.
  4. Submit two acceptable posed photos to the Registar.  Check your photos to ensure they meet the GHRA Photo Submission Guidelines.
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